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 Preschool Supply Lists

​Listed below are the 2016-17 school supply lists for Preschool 3 and Preschool 4. Review these lists to be sure your children are prepared for the first day of school at Mother of Sorrows.

Please label all items with your child's name, including pencil cases, lunch boxes, backpacks, etc. That way, if your child loses or misplaces an item it can be returned.

If you have any questions about the lists, please contact the school office at 724-733-8840, or email the homeroom teacher directly.

 Preschool 3

​Classroom Supplies
- 3 rolls of paper towels
- 1 ream of computer/copy paper
- 1 box or refill bag of baby/hand wipes
- 1 bottle of liquid hand soap (not anti-bacterial)
- 1 green, non-toxic, multi-purpose spray cleaner or wipes, i.e. Method, 7th Generation

Students with last names ending in A-J
- 1 package paper napkins
- 1 bottle of hand sanitizer

Students with last names ending in K-Z
- 1 package of 100 white plates
- 1 box of tissues

- Completed Pre-Kindergarten Information Sheet, given at orientation
- Recent picture of your child that can be cut and copied
- A change of clothes in a zippered bag, labeled with child's first and last name
- 1 large backpack
- 1 durable folder with pockets
- 1 package of multi-colored washable markers
- 1 box of crayons, any size
- 2 jumbo, 22g., (7 oz.) washable glue sticks.


 Preschool 4

Classroom Supplies
- 1 box of tissues
- 1 package of paper plates
- 1 ream of white computer/copy paper
- 2 bottles of Clorox wipes
- 2 bottles of hand sanitizer
- 2 large packages of napkins
- 2 rolls of paper towels
- 4 containers or refill bags of baby/hand wipes
- 1 box washable classic color markers
- 1 durable folder with pockets
- 1 large backpack, no wheels
- 2 boxes of eight count classic color crayons
- 4 large glue sticks, not purple glue