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 Meet the Staff

A highly-qualified teaching staff is an essential component of our mission. We are committed to recruiting and maintaining a staff that is skilled and knowledgeable, enthusiastic and dedicated, constantly growing professionally and personally, and attentive to the academic needs of individual students.

Principal Theresa SzmedTheresa Szmed

Third Grade - Megan ColemanMegan Coleman
Third Grade

PLTW - Ashley GiuglianoMelissa Kelly
Pre K Aide

PE - Rick McAteerRick McAteer
Physical Education

Kindergarten - Audra RatkiewiczAudra Ratkiewicz

Cassidy Ayers
Music/Chorus & Music Lessons

Support - Judy ZsakJudy Zsak
Learning Support & MS Religion

Jen Bayer
Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade - Polly BeerPolly Beer
Fifth Grade

Tech - Kelly DeGrootKelly DeGroot

Terry Matthews
Seventh Grade

First Grade - Elisa Panseri​Elisa Capozoli
First Grade

Third Grade - Amy SmartAmy Smart
Third Grade

Second Grade - Peggy WillardPeggy Willard
Second Grade

Eighth Grade - Maria Bartifay​Maria Bartifay
Eighth Grade

Fourth Grade - Cindy DiBattisteCindy DiBattiste
Fourth Grade

PK - Carrie MalleyLaurie German

PK - Carrie Malley

Carrie Malley
First Grade

Preschool - Lori StackLori Stack
Preschool 4 yr. olds

Kindergarten - Anna ZubrowAnna Zubrow
Kingergarten Plus

Not Pictured Above​:

Cassidy Ayers- Music
Rosemary Rosendale- Pre-k 5
Katie Kelly- Pre-k 3
Missy Reuhl- 4th Grade

Mrs. Matthews: 7th Grade
Stacy Amandola - School Nurse

Jodi Beall: Administrative Assistant
Gina Yurinko: Business Manager
Cris Coleman- Office Staff
Mrs. Jordan: Librarian
Billie Robinson: Counselor

Trude Hayes: Reading Catapult 
Donna Forys: Speech
 Mary Osche : Spanish